Harlem: New York’s Next Silicon Alley?

Harlem is known for many things – as the breeding ground for the cultural-artistic movement known as the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, as a major hub for African-American business… and soon, Harlem might be known for being the next tech hub in New York City.

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Startups x Impact

How a New Jersey Company is Tackling the Job Crisis

Here’s a sobering fact for you: robots can replace bankers, lawyers, even writers – and in a lot of incidences, they already have. Here’s a more sobering fact: regardless of the presiding political party, 47% of jobs will likely be replaced by technology and globalization over the coming 25 years.  

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How To Break Into

How to Break Into Venture Capital As a College Grad

If you find your way to a meet-and-greet with BoxGroup, the seed-stage venture capital firm started by NYC-based accelerator TechStars co-founder David Tisch, you’ve likely been approached by a friendly young man who’s as eager to discuss the latest startup companies as he is in getting your feedback on the event that’s happening around you.

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